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'Nothing in language is immutably fixed: the best writers are constantly changing it'.

C.E. Montague English journalist (1867 –1928)

Karien 2017My name is Karien van Woerden and since I was in primary school I have been a linguist at heart. From a young age I have always been particularly interested in people from different backgrounds and what makes them tick. When I chose my course of study after secondary school, the only question I had was: which language should I continue to study? I decided to study French and in 1995 I received my master’s degree in French Linguistics & Literature.

Subsequently I worked in the sales & communication field for many years, mainly as a communication advisor and a recruitment consultant. I also finished a Marketing Communication A course. Between 2002-2007 I lived in Seattle, USA with my husband. It was during this time that I started to work with languages again. I provided Dutch and French conversation training for individual adults and groups of children. Also I conducted translation projects for an IT company. And in Seattle our two beautiful children were born.

When we returned to the Netherlands in 2007 I began providing private English courses, from my home and in a primary school.

Since 2008 I provide mostly individual French, English and Dutch (NT2) courses at a beginner and medior to advanced level to adults, professionals and private clients. In 2010 I also finished a remedial teaching project Dutch to a child in primary school. In 2011 I started conducting a business French course for several individual students and an in house NT2 course with a few international companies. I also provided an intensive in company group training business French to IT managers and a private mini-workshop NT2.

In 2012 I continued working with several professionals on the in company training business French and NT2. I’ve always been working with several loyal private clients on NT2 and I tutored a secondary school student at English. My motivation I draw from getting to know my students and their drive, enforcing their language skills and boosting their confidence in communication. The result they achieve will always give me warm fuzzies.

After a fantastic adventure of 2.5 years in San Diego, USA, I have now beached in downtown Eindhoven with my husband and kids. Since September 2017 lingK was reestablished and is now available for your business again (see contact).