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'Language is the dress of thought'.

Samuel Johnson English author 1709-1784, Source: Lives of the English poets (1781)

welcome to lingK

In a society which has become increasingly more internationalised, lingK is there to meet the needs for improved language and communication skills in NT2 (Dutch for foreign language speakers), French and English. lingK stands for the ‘lingua’ (= language) of your choice that will enable you to link with your professional or social surroundings. 
The capital ‘K’ in lingK is the first letter of the name of the owner of this office and your language trainer: Karien. I provide conversation courses at a beginner and medior to advanced level. My training - NT2, English or French- is personal and informal. It’s tailor made: you have an objective and you receive guidance from me in obtaining it.

You will find courses at lingK for:

  • professionals, who wish to internationalise and follow an (intensive) Dutch or French business course to be able to communicate more effectively with Dutch or French speaking colleagues, customers or a new employer;
  • expatriates, who wish to establish themselves in the Netherlands through support with their NT2 conversation skills in professional and social areas and/or wish to support their children adequately in their school curriculum and/or expand their social life;
  • students at various levels, who need tutoring to achieve their full potential in school.

When you contact lingK, we will set our first face to face appointment. I look forward to analysing your educational needs during this (free) intake.

What advantages does lingK provide you?

  • a motivating, active, open, educational communication with a language trainer who supports you effectively in Dutch or French
  • Flexible time table for learning, that matches your professional and private situation;
  • Tailoring to the situations, where you use your focal language.
  • Would you like to find out more about lingK’s conversation courses? Please use the form at the contact page.

I look forward to meeting you,

Karien van Woerden